Will Medicare Cover More Mental Health Prescriptions In 2013?

Will Medicare Cover More Mental Health Prescriptions In 2013?

Medicare Is raising Mental Health Prescription Insurance

It looks as though at last Medicare personnel are realizing that sound mental health is also a part of sound health. There is good news. Medicare drug coverage will increase the coverage of some mental health insurance prescriptions. This should reduce direct costs for many beneficiaries. There is also some bad news. Plans can choose how to implement your drug coverage, and not everyone can maximize their benefits.

Your individual plan may not increase coverage!

It is very important to review your coverage every year. It is also important to compare various Part D and Medicare Advantage health plans in the market. Another plan may save you more money due to changes. It is also possible that your current plan is best for you. However, in this case, what you do not know can really hurt you!

Find out which mental health medications are covered by various plans.

I would like to describe some simple steps you can take to get more information about changes in mental health service. Here is a basic summary of my suggestions.

Check your current benefits

If you are not satisfied that your current insurer offers maximum coverage for your own situation, see other plans in your area.  You can compare coverage online, with a phone call or by visiting your local pharmacy or a Medicare certified agent.

Use online comparison tools

It has become quite simple for beneficiaries to compare drug plans today. It has a variety of sources of information and ways to verify its benefits. If you are already enrolled in a plan, you can review the documents sent to you for next year. Most insurers also have online tools that help determine which medications are covered and at what level they are covered. The government’s official website at Medicare.gov also has a variety of tools that can help you.

Use your phone

I understand that some older people are still not comfortable using the Internet. While more and more people have computers and smart phones today, not everyone has. In this case, it is still advisable to obtain information. I advise these people to pick up the phone and call their current provider to find out if their own medications will be covered. If they are not covered, it is also time to call and see if another insurer will provide better medication coverage for your individual situation.