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  Our body is made up of five great element-earth,water,fire,air & ether (aakasha tattava). Perfect balance of these elements keeps the body in good order. For healthy living our daily activities and dietetic program should be such that balance of these elements continues to be restored  

Naturopothy has evolved out of forest research laboratories of the Rishis and the ancient healing traditions. It has a preventative approach to health care. World over, it is now recognized as a valuable and effective treatment for a variety of chronic disorders.

  Naturopathy comes under Alternative therapy. Alternative therapist / Naturopathic practitioners are split into two groups, traditional naturopaths and naturopathic physicians also known as alternative therapist. Naturopathic physicians / Alternative Therapist employ the principles of naturopathy within the context of conventional medical practices.Other alternative therapies are-accupressure, acupuncture, yoga , panchkarma, magnetotherapy, water therapy(hydrotherapy),mud therapy.Adopt Naturopathy and yoga with the guidance of Alternative therapist for better treatments.  

Naturapathic /Naturopathic Medicine is defined as it is a"Treatment without side effects".Diseases like Constipation, Migraine and headaches,Depression, Dyspepsia,Piles, Myopia, Impotency (Due to depression), Bronchial Asthma,Amoebiasis,Insomnia, Ulcers, Gastritis,Sinusitis,Dysentery,Hyper-acidity, Colitis,Arthritis,Spondylitices- Cervical, Chronic Bronchitis, Diabetes and Heart Disease (Functional),Allergic Rhinitis,General debility, Eosinophilia, Hypertension, Leucorrhoea,Obesity and Menstrual Disorders cure through Naturapathic/Naturopathic medicine.

  Yogic Therapy
According to maharishi Patanjali ----Cessation of thought-wave is yoga
yoga is a method by which one can develop one's inherent power in a balanced manner.
The science of yoga and its technique have now suit to modern sociological need and life style.
experts of various branches of medicine are realizing the role of these technique in prevention of disease, cure of disease and promotion of health.
The practice of yoga prevent and cure psychosomatic disorder/disease and improves individual' s resistance and ability to fight stressful situation.
Yoga is a spiritual science which has been gifted to us by our ancient Sages for the final emancipation . Yoga is a curative and preventive measure for human suffering. The life of man is full of pleasure, pains, stress, strain. Man is affected by environments, social structures, competition & never ending struggles. He is affected within himself by anxieties, worries, desires, lust, anger, greed, aversion hatred, temptation & so on. Yogic method gives the maximum & the minutest techniques for the curve of solid body for mind. Therapy is a treatment. "Treatment for a disorderly mental & Physical condition or diseases with remedial agent of techniques
  Yogic Therapy  
According to Maharishi Patanjali---------- "Thought less state of mind known as meditation "
Meditation is communion with the Inner self. It is the mean of expending our consciousness, transcending the external being and becoming one with the infinite source of light & wisdom. Meditation is discovering oneself. It is that state when the mind becomes free from the awareness of subjective & objective experience. Meditation induce a deep state of rest which encourages the repair & improves health of all the cells & tissues of the body. Meditation is one which act on the mental level and help to overcome all the mental problems such as fear, stress, tension, anxiety etc.
  Mud Therapy
  Mud is a part of our body as human body is made up of five elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Space. Mud is obtained from earth, when mud is applied on the body for the purpose of treatment it fulfills the requirement of earth element in our body.  
  Mud also has got many medicinal values it contain minerals like zinc, selenium ,sulfur, etc. so it can be used for skin disease, mud stimulates the sweat glands there by helping in elimination of toxins. Mud therapy is one of the best way to erase the effect of aging from the skin.
  For the purpose of therapy mud can be applied in two ways:-  
  Local Application  
  General Application  
  Local :- In this form of application, mud is applied to the particular part of the body to get desired effect. It can be applied in the form of packs or direct application to the part can be made eg:- Daily application of mud to the abdomen, regulates the function of abdominal organs there by improving digestion.  
  General Application:- In this form of application, mud is applied all over the body to get generalized effect. Mud also has got cooling property, it can be applied in skin irritation, burning sensation of palms & fat. During fever if mud is applied to the abdomen for two times a day helps to reduce the temperature.  
  Indication: Obesity,Yypertension, Insomnia, Burning sole and feet ,  
  Massage therapy
  Massage having its effect on all the system of body like blood circulation, glandular system. Muscular system is greatly influenced by massage therapy. During massage blood flow to the muscles will increase to a greater intensity thereby improving all the function of muscles & strengthening them.  
  It is found that when massage is given Red blood cell Count is increase in superficial blood vessel, this shows oxygenated blood supply for skin, thereby enhancing functional activity of skin. Numerous variety of herbal & aromatic oil used for massage.  
  Analgesic effect of massage useful in treating painful disorders like Neuralgic, Arthritis headache lumbar spondylosis Cervical spondylosis, myalgia etc.  
  Massage Therapy  
  Diet Therapy
  Diet play an important role in our life. To do any kind of work we require energy which will be provided by our diet we consumed. 99% caused of disease is present our diet so to be healthy one should take balanced diet. A balanced diet should contain all type of carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins & minerals, lacking any of these may lead to health related problems.  
  Natural Diet :- Food Intake should comprise of Cereals, pulses, grains, raw & boiled vegetables, sprouts, fruits/vegetables juices.  
  Avoid :- Dairy product, fried foods, deep fry dishes, non-vegetarian items, spice & junk food like bakery items and other variety of fast food.  
  Diet Therapy  
  Acupuncture is one of most ancient therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine. Where Aces " Needle Puncture " To penetrate "Acupuncture is a system of medicine, where different types of needles are used to penetrate the specific point present all over the body". Effects obtained through Acupuncture are:-  
  Analgesic:- Pain relieving, Achieved by raising pain threshold helpful in case of arthritis, headache, low backache.  
  Sedation:- These effect utilized in the treatment of Insomnia, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy & mental disorder.  
  Homeostatic or Regulatory effect:- Adjustment of internal environment of body towards a state of normal balance.  
  Immune Enhancing:- Where by body resistance to disease is strengthened.  
  Water has got many therapeutic qualities, so it is used for Therapeutic Purpose. 70% part of human body is made up of water. , it is present in the form of blood & other body fluids. So there is no life without water. When water is applied on body it acts in many ways because of its Therapeutic effects.  
  Hip Bath:- Person made to sit in a small tub filled with water where whole abdomen comes in contact with water, it influence all the abdominal organs, helpful in coming all the ailment related to digestive system eg:- dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation, Gas formation etc.  
  Spinal bath:- Spinal bath tub is designed in a such a way that water comes in Contact with whole spine & its surrounding area. Given in case of High blood presser, Insomnia, Tiredness & Nervous weakness.  
  Immersion Bath:- In this type of hydrotherapic treatment whole body is immersed inside the water with head remaining outside. Effect obtained by Immersion bath can be modified by giving friction during the bath or by adding some salts having analgesic effect eg:- Mg So4, Nacl2. This gives fast relief in painful condition. This type of treatment increase blood circulation all over the body and enhance activity there by helping in elimination of toxins.  
  Jacuzzi:- This also same type of treatment as immersion bath only the difference is made by pressure forced inside the water during bath. In Jacuzzi tub different points are made from when water will thrown out with force inside the tub. This force of water gives pressure to different body parts and there by increasing therapeutic effect of water. It gives pure water supply to all body part relief congestion.  
  Spinal Spray:- In this bath tub has got an metal rode provided with small pores in It. Patient while lying down on his back in such a way that water will spread out on whole of his spine with amount of pressure. This will stimulate Nervous system effective in case of Nervous irritability hemiplegia, Neurasthenia, back pain etc.  
  Arms & foot bath:- In this treatment arms & feet are placed inside the water Varying temperature, whole of the body congestion, helpful in case of headache, Asthma sinusitis, migraine.  
  Steam bath:- Here moist heat is passed to all body parts stimulating glandular activity, increase blood circulation, open up the skin pores them by helping in elimination of toxins.  
  Sauna Bath:- Sauna bath has got some effect as steam only the difference is in Sauna bath dry heat is passed which may cause suffocation & skin imitation so it should be avoided in weak people, old age and patient suffering from heart disease.  
  Full wet sheet pack:- Full body is covered with cotton cloth wet with cold water, which will covered by woolen blanket. This will reduce body temperature, increase elimination, activate skin function. Given in case of obesity, toxicity, bodyache, fever.  
Acupressure is a system of treating body ailment by giving pressure on specific point present on hands, legs, face & different body parts. These points are called as reflex center. Reflex center become highly sensitive in diseased condition. By giving presser on these center, energy released which will fight for the disease & there by releasing the symptoms. Acupressure is very safe & Natural method with no side effect.