Alabama’s Medicare Advantage Plans

Alabama’s Medicare Advantage Plans

Are you exhausted financially paying your medical bills. You don’t have to be concerned any more. The Medicare Advantage Plans can take care of your health care expenses efficiently. Make sure you enroll right on time.

medicare advantage plansIf you explore the Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama, you will come across a wide number of choices. Every plan is certified by the Federal Government, offering the same advantages despite the insurance provider you select. You are eligible for Medicare Advantage Plan in Alabama when you enrol in the Part A and Part B of Medicare.

When you exhaust your expense because of Medicare Parts A and B, the Alabama Medicare Advantage Plans can cover the expenditure that is beyond your budget. Every certified insurance company can provide with the Medigap policies of their choices to the customers.

Some statistics to look out for

  • The largest counties in Alabama are:
  • Shelby County
  • Madison County
  • Mobile County
  • Jefferson County
  • Montgomery County
  • You will come across more than 950,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Alabama.
  • Statistics reveal more than 75% of the residents in Alabama are eligible for Medicare, while 23% might not qualify due to disability.
  • Diabetes, arthritis and heart disease are the most dominant chronic health conditions that are experienced by the Medicare recipients in Alabama.

Factors influencing the Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama

There are a number of factors responsible for the calculation of Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Zip Code
  • The payment mode
  • The use of tobacco

The three age associated factors for calculating Medicare

Community Age Rated

The carriers offering Medicare Advantage make use of the community age related factor while calculating the Medicare Advantage Plans. No matter which Medicare plan you choose, you will receive the same benefit.

Attained Age Related

The majority of the Medicare carriers in Alabama offers the Attained Age related system for calculating the plans. This means that the rate of the Medicare increases as you start aging.

Entry-Age Related or Issue Age Rated

Based on the age at the time of your first enrolment, the rate is determined using the Entry-Age related system. It is the said that your premium for the Medicare is lower when you are younger. Hence, earlier the enrolment, the lower is the price.

The number of Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama

If you are considering Medicare Advantage Plans in Alabama, you can get exposed to 10 Medigap plan options which you can consider. Every Medicare Plan is regulated by the Federal Government. This means that you can receive quotes by visiting  and get the same benefits regardless of the insurance company you opt for.

Cover prescription drugs with Medicare

In order to seek the coverage expense for the prescription drugs, you need to enroll for the Medicare Part D in Alabama. Part D comes with a premium on its own and you need to pay along with your original Medigap plan premium.

When can you enroll for the Medicare plans in Alabama?

Perhaps the best time for enrolling is during your initial enrolment period. Things that you should know about it.

  • It starts on your 65th birthday month.
  • The tenure is for six months.
  • Pre-existing health conditions are not included, which saves you money.
  • Legally any insurance company is bound to accept your Medigap plan application.
  • If a premium is paid on time, your application cannot be rejected.

Using Alabama Medicare in other states

Is this even possible. The answer is yes, you can when you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. You can select your choice of doctors and state for treatment. The only restriction is to choose doctors within the Original Medicare plan. In case, you move to another state, notify your insurance company as the premium rate might change.